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Caldofran Soft.
Based in Bilbao, Capital of the entire world

Founding date:
January 11, 2014


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Bilbao, 48007

+00 (34) 647 85 80 61

Caldofran Soft.

Caldofran is a small game development studio located in Bilbao, so small that it's only formed by one person, me.


About me

I have a job, as a software developer, and I use my spare time to devote to my passion, which is the videogames development.

I started this journey in 2011, developing games for Windows Phone using XNA platform based on .NET technology, in which I usually work. Then I started to use the Unity development platform, giving me access to other platforms and jump into the 3D world.

The development line I've followed is based on turnbased games, trying to keep certain simplicity to make the player enjoy the game from the sole beginning, not complicating so much making the development unapproachable.

Being a single developer has its advantages, but it involves having to perform tasks where I'm not an expert (if I am expert at something). Also, I do not have much time to make a super cool website, bombard my nearly 100 twitter followers and also promote myself through an aggressive SEO strategy in specialized media. So I appreciate any help, either sharing my games through social networks, voting on the markets or by suggesting improvements.

The game

Possibly the best trading-card-game-based-on-the-motor-world, being the only one, it is easy to be the best...

Triple Piston 2 is an exciting collectible card game, based on the popular mini-game Triple Triad from Square Soft Inc. included in the Final Fantasy VIII, and allows you play quick games while collecting the best cars in the world.

Basically consists of getting the cards from your opponent by the use of simple rules. The game is designed for two players and takes about 1 minute to finish a game. The cards are placed in turns on a 3x3 gameboard, and by comparing the values printed on the cards played on the board, you can get the cards from your opponent.

Unlock the technical sheets of each of the 120 cars available in Career mode with Full HD images. Sell the cars you own and buy new ones to overcome the different levels in the game and reach to the top level, where you can get the best cars in the world...

It's a Freemium game, which contains upgrades and integrated improvements within the game itself. One of them is to avoid advertising in the game, advertising is annoying, but one of the most interesting characteristics of the game is that viewing ads gives you certain advantages to spend in the game.

Currently available on Android and Windows Phone, in a few weeks a desktop version will be published in the Windows Store. Triple Piston 2 runs in modest devices with 512MB RAM and also in modern tablets with larger screens and more detailed resolutions.

Some of the features:
- Exciting career mode, manage your finances to progress and get better cars
- World Ranking, try to be the best
- Play online against other players, get their cars
- Store the game in the cloud, you can continue playing from another device with all your progresses
- 3 Difficulty levels
- Different rules, combine them to make the game more interesting
- 21 different characters handled by the CPU
- 120 unlockable cards with different cars and Full HD pictures
- 3 different types of cards with different characteristics
- 50 achievements to unlock
- 10 Levels of play, try to get over them
- Different game modes: Practice, Career, Championships, online game...
- Technical data sheets of all the cars
- Interactive Tutorial and comprehensive help for beginners

But certainly the point of the game is to collect cars... like a boss! And for you were wondering, this is the second part of a game, the first was released only for Windows Phone.



Triple Piston 2 YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner in no relevant contest." - Seven Kingdoms, 20 April, 2015
  • "Nomination for the most dispensable game." - Asgard best game contest, 12 March, 2015

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Juan Francisco Casado
Programmer, Designer, Son of the thunder

Cyrano, Oskuro, Aritzaleo, Lasarguren, Arguin, Carlos and Necroth

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